Improving “make vs2013-ide-integration”

The make system can generate a visual studio solution with a .vcxproj file for each target (libraries as well as executables).

Having tested it, it is clear some improvement is needed.

  • it generates vcxproj for 27 out of 93 executables
    • Assumes that CXXOBJECTS is before “recipe to build executable”
    • Assumes that the 2 are together
    • for 66 executables that is not the case
  • vcxproj files are scattered in the source tree, not workdir
    • Source tree should be kept clean, without generated files
    • the vcxproj files, should be kept in e.g. workdir/vs2013
  • it only covers C++, missing java/python/javascript
  • It does not use the object files in workdir (made by make)
    • VC starts by compiling everything again, this should not be the case
  • No support for visual studio 2015

It is my intention to improve the script, step by step. Some of the problems have been added to bugzilla as easyHacks.

Meeting the developers.

I attended a “hackfest” in Hamburg, Germany. The main purpose was to have a face to face session with my “bosses” (Thorsten, Bjoern and Michael). It turned out to be 2 days full of fun, I met quite a number of old friends and got some new ones.

If this is the spirit of the LibreOffice community, then the next year will be a lot of fun.

Next hackfest is in Madrid 2-4 December Madrid 2015 it will take place 5 minutes walk from Atocha (the main rail station). Don´t miss the chance, come and join us (y claro también van a hablar Español).


A good thing about a hackfest is the food, a well designed Pizza. Please remark how concentrated I work, not even looking at all the Pizzas.