Improving “make vs2013-ide-integration”

The make system can generate a visual studio solution with a .vcxproj file for each target (libraries as well as executables).

Having tested it, it is clear some improvement is needed.

  • it generates vcxproj for 27 out of 93 executables
    • Assumes that CXXOBJECTS is before “recipe to build executable”
    • Assumes that the 2 are together
    • for 66 executables that is not the case
  • vcxproj files are scattered in the source tree, not workdir
    • Source tree should be kept clean, without generated files
    • the vcxproj files, should be kept in e.g. workdir/vs2013
  • it only covers C++, missing java/python/javascript
  • It does not use the object files in workdir (made by make)
    • VC starts by compiling everything again, this should not be the case
  • No support for visual studio 2015

It is my intention to improve the script, step by step. Some of the problems have been added to bugzilla as easyHacks.

One thought on “Improving “make vs2013-ide-integration”

  1. Can you elaborate on the “does not use the object files in workdir” bit? I dont quite understand, what you aim for there …
    Other than that: Great to see work on improving the development environment for Windows developers!


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