Madrid hackfest 2015

Wow, what a tour. I started by getting poisoned by Renfe (spanish railway)…good advice never by a sandwich !!! but what an event !

We could of course have been more people (that is a universal truth), but I had some good discussions with several spanish people, who like me, was interested in getting a spanish community activated.

We decided on several actions to take in the near future, so “perdoname el futuro de comunidad es Español es TU responsabilidad y no solo las otras”.

I want to especially thank “bubli” (IRC name) for bringing the small bears (a nice gesture of CIB), that saved my day !!!

Sweetshark (bjoern) was as usual a fountain of knowledge, although I will remember this hackfest for fixing a bug that no longer existed 🙂

Thanks a lot for a wonderful time, I can only hope that I gave a little bit back. “Hablamos pronto en email y recuerdo necesito ayuda yo estoy esperando mucho emails”.

We look forward to gran canary !!!! “las palmas”.

un saludo

jan i.


Ps. I am NOT moody, but we had 3 languages going !!!




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