You might get what you wish for!

When I joined Document Foundation (LibreOffice) and got the title “development mentoring lead”, I wished to join an active project. To be honest, having a past in another office project, I expected to my main job to be searching for new people. I was mistaken !

Looking at openhub the project have had

1.898 commits by 81 contributors the last 30 days, and an impressive 19.177 commits by 282 contributors the last year.

I am currently involved in helping 9 new people to get their first patch on master. I am proud that 2 of them are already working on their second/third patch.

We look for developers/testers etc. to help maintain and extend LibreOffice, in order to serve our millions of end-users. Want to give a hand and become part of a great community, then send an email.

I wished for an active project and got what I asked for.

Have a nice christmas.

jan Iversen


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