2016 new year, new challenges

We are receiving requests from 2-5 new developers, who wants to help out making LibreOffice even better.

Many new developers join and do not realize how big and complex LibreOffice is, if you “attack” without guidance.

We are 10+ developers (some stable, some joining frequently) on IRC/ML every day, making 10-15 code changes every day. Managing this without management is a challenge, so we have some base “rules” of how to cooperate (like using git and gerrit).

New developers need to understand the purpose of having defined ways to work together, and setting that up (git/gerrit/bugzilla/mailing list) takes a bit of time. In order to help new developers we have published a step by step guide:

Step by step guide

We will add pages with different starting guides.

Have a good 2016.

jan i


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