Camp in Turkey, produces patches to LibreOffice


One of our new contributors attended a programming camp in Turkey, this resulted in patches for Libreoffice.

A big “thank you” to Kader and her friends. We are currently studying possibilities for a LibreOffice hackfest in Turkey as we expect many applicants to GSoC.

If you want to join a triving community, having fun making changes to one of the largest opensource projects in the world, do not hesitate to contact us

Please remember LibreOffice and opensource are all about having fun, because we are volunteers and use our spare time. In todays world, being able to write “I helped LibreOffice” on your CV, opens many doors for developers.


GSoC preparations.


With FOSDEM 2016 done, it is time to concentrate on GSoC.

We see a lot of student submitting patches in order to ease the GSoC qualifications. Submitting patches and showing interest for the community are clearly a good start for being accepted. However we see many patches that are mechanical changes (search/replace) in the source, such patches shows little (if any) understanding of what development is.

A succesful patch, is one that shows understanding for the code. If a student shows (with a patch) understanding for how C++ works, it is a plus in my mind, whereas mechanical changes are actually a minus in my mind.

We are available to help, through email or IRC, so feel free to ping us, but please try to make quality patches. Sending multiple patches with the same error is not a GSoC qualification, but a single well thought over and implemented is the first step to qualify.

We look very much forward to GSoC and to mentor students who want to help make LibreOffice an even better product.

Let us together make GSoC 2016 and LibreOffice a period to remember.