Computer student? Enhance your job chances this summer


Why not use this summer to enhance your job chances ?

When you apply for a development position in one of the bigger companies, changes are high that they will look at your opensource involvement. They expect to see something in your CV, and might also have a look at

The LibreOffice project is one of the biggest opensource projects and very well known, with a multi million user base around the world. The libreoffice community is a vibrant set of volunteers who welcomes new people.

We have people dedicated to help you get started (I am one of those), and we have furthermore identified simple problems to be solved easyhacks together with a recipe for success getInvolved

If you decide to join our community, you will be able to write in your CV, that you have worked on a project with more then 7 million lines of code. If you are active in our community  and need references we can help with that.

Let us together make the world just a little bit better and you get an extra point on your CV.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments.

Have a nice summer.

Jan Iversen