Like to socialize while hacking on open source ?

In libreoffice we have a very active development (among others) community.

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source Active stat

259 people (or to be exact “nick”) visited our IRC development channel (#libreoffice-dev connect via web chat). A lot of these people are developers who want to help, and have questions about how to solve a problem.

Come and join us, except for the weekends, this is one of the best places to get your development questions answered (remark, we only exceptionally answer user questions on this channel).

If you are new, and want help to get started, have a look at: Get involved


Good news for me from the document foundation.

This morning I received a nice email  welcoming me as member of the document foundation.

What an amazing organization, even though I am also staff and therefore paid to help new people, the Membership Committee deemed my work (assuming they looked on my voluntary work) interesting enough to invite me as member.

I am also an Apache Software Foundation member and proud of being that.

It is interesting to see the difference between the two foundations, which both are fantastic and both in general have the same aims. I find that The Document Foundation not only focusses on the people in the community, but also follows it trough in a grass root manner. Just an example, the wast majority of the donations to the project have an average of less the 10,- USD showing support from real people.

If you want to be part of a never sleeping, positive community, come and join us:

Hoping to see you soon.

Jan Iversen