Surprise, LibreOffice on my Television


I am building a multiroom audio system (do not have money to buy a Sonos system). The system is based on 3 Raspberry PI 3 (2 Rooms + Television) and a NAS.

I have installed Raspbian (Debian Linux) and Kodi (former XBMC) and was testing on my Television. Raspian comes with a simple graphic desktop, so of course I took a look around and found to my surprise LibreOffice.

This had to be tested, LibreOffice, which everybody says is a mammut chunk of software, on a small Raspberry PI 3, sounded impossible. But as you can it actually worked pretty well. Admitted using the remote control to write was kind of interesting 🙂


This is the raspberry PI. It perform like a late PC from aroun 98, with a price of only 35 EUR.

So my multiroom audio is going to cost:

  • 3 raspberry PI 3 + IQAudio digiamp+, approx. 300,- EUR
  • 2 set Denon speakers, approx. 350,- EUR
  • 1 NAS, approx. 150,- EUR
  • Total 800,- for music in 3 rooms and videos on my Television.

And of course a free version of LibreOffice.

The LibreOffice community consist of all kinds of people, distributed around the globe and have experience in different fields. Anybody can help, Users can help test our new features, Developers can help to solve bug or add new exciting features.

Hoping to see you in our community.


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