GSoC 2016 is over

Google Summer of Code 2016 have ended, now we can evaluate.

I was Org. admin for


We got 12 slots from Google, which was used to create some awesome changes in LibreOffice, which will be released later this year with 5.3.

I am proud to see that Google recognises our consistent work, to deliver the best open office package on the planet…and even keep it free.

Thanks to all the students who participated, you can be proud of yourself. We had 86 Students apply for the 12 projects, so election was tough decisions, but I would like to thank all students who applied for projects, thanks for taking an interest in LibreOffice.

It is our hope that we will be able to run more projects at GSoC 2017.

Looking forward to talk/mail with students again next year. In the meantime we do not sleep, and I continue to help new contributors:

Developers get involved

And just for the fun of it, Google just mailed me a certificate

gsoc_mentor for jan iversen


Have a nice time out there.

Jan Iversen

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