Community building, spanish art

This Saturday I joined a local event. In the morning pressing grapes (see foto), and in the afternoon great food.

This is the  version of a “hachfest”. The intention was different but I ended up having an agreement to provide a secondary school with a personalised release of LibreOffice 5.2


Some people might not believe it, but I had to work hard to land the deal (and get a cup of wine, although it was easier than in Kaufbeuren).

And the lady of the house, allowed us to make a picture, of the wonderful main meal:


No worries it was finger off for me 🙂

We are eager planning a real developers hack fest in Granada, so please sent me an email if you are around.

At the end of day I promised to supply a “colegio” with the newest 5.2.2 release….just part of my work as release manager

have a nice weekend

jan I.

Infra meetup in Kaufbeuren

At LibreOffice and DocumentFoundation we work hard to make life easier for our many volunteers.


This week is dedicated to a meetup in Kaufbeuren (Germany), where we go through the infrastructure, spreading the knowledge as well as discussing future posibilities.

Our infrastructure is actually quite big, with a lot of services to help Developers/Documenters/Testers and other volunteers.

devcentral gives a nice (but not complete) overview of the developer resources.

Our tinderboxes runs continuously building/testing LibreOffice while our CI system builds every patch submitted, to control the quality before actually integrating the patch into master.

Infra is like the rest of the community, very lively, friendly to new people, so do not be afraid to join us. We have many small and big sysadmin tasks open, so it can be a way for you to get experience.

We all work toward a common goal:


Make sure it continues to be the opensource office suite of high quality and usability.

Tomorrow I go back to spain again for at (in my opinion a well deserved weekend).

Jan I.