Gran Canary, community meeting

Finally arrived at Las Palmas, I joked to go by sailboat, it might actually have been easier. My USB pen, was called a weapon in the airport….yes it is used to tap on my tablet…long discussion, and end effect, I need to bey a new one (honestly wonder if the security officer is a tablet user).

we are 12 people listening to a bunch of interesting stuff, an elegant mixture of user level talk and programming. It is actually interesting to see the flashy C++ classes from a user view (looks very simple, no inheritence and no clang control).


Let us do command line.


No let us be users.

We continue tomorrow and Saturday, so please come if you happen to be in las palmas.


Camp in Turkey, produces patches to LibreOffice


One of our new contributors attended a programming camp in Turkey, this resulted in patches for Libreoffice.

A big “thank you” to Kader and her friends. We are currently studying possibilities for a LibreOffice hackfest in Turkey as we expect many applicants to GSoC.

If you want to join a triving community, having fun making changes to one of the largest opensource projects in the world, do not hesitate to contact us

Please remember LibreOffice and opensource are all about having fun, because we are volunteers and use our spare time. In todays world, being able to write “I helped LibreOffice” on your CV, opens many doors for developers.


GSoC preparations.


With FOSDEM 2016 done, it is time to concentrate on GSoC.

We see a lot of student submitting patches in order to ease the GSoC qualifications. Submitting patches and showing interest for the community are clearly a good start for being accepted. However we see many patches that are mechanical changes (search/replace) in the source, such patches shows little (if any) understanding of what development is.

A succesful patch, is one that shows understanding for the code. If a student shows (with a patch) understanding for how C++ works, it is a plus in my mind, whereas mechanical changes are actually a minus in my mind.

We are available to help, through email or IRC, so feel free to ping us, but please try to make quality patches. Sending multiple patches with the same error is not a GSoC qualification, but a single well thought over and implemented is the first step to qualify.

We look very much forward to GSoC and to mentor students who want to help make LibreOffice an even better product.

Let us together make GSoC 2016 and LibreOffice a period to remember.

Hackfest in Brussel as a prelude to FOSDEM.


The hackfest in Brussel has started, at noon the first day we were around 20 people.

A hackfest is a good way to get to know people. If you are thinking of helping out with one of the biggest open source projects. At LibreOffice we welcome new people, come and see us.

FOSDEM this weekend is also a good posibility to talk with the developers.

have fun.

2016 new year, new challenges

We are receiving requests from 2-5 new developers, who wants to help out making LibreOffice even better.

Many new developers join and do not realize how big and complex LibreOffice is, if you “attack” without guidance.

We are 10+ developers (some stable, some joining frequently) on IRC/ML every day, making 10-15 code changes every day. Managing this without management is a challenge, so we have some base “rules” of how to cooperate (like using git and gerrit).

New developers need to understand the purpose of having defined ways to work together, and setting that up (git/gerrit/bugzilla/mailing list) takes a bit of time. In order to help new developers we have published a step by step guide:

Step by step guide

We will add pages with different starting guides.

Have a good 2016.

jan i

You might get what you wish for!

When I joined Document Foundation (LibreOffice) and got the title “development mentoring lead”, I wished to join an active project. To be honest, having a past in another office project, I expected to my main job to be searching for new people. I was mistaken !

Looking at openhub the project have had

1.898 commits by 81 contributors the last 30 days, and an impressive 19.177 commits by 282 contributors the last year.

I am currently involved in helping 9 new people to get their first patch on master. I am proud that 2 of them are already working on their second/third patch.

We look for developers/testers etc. to help maintain and extend LibreOffice, in order to serve our millions of end-users. Want to give a hand and become part of a great community, then send an email.

I wished for an active project and got what I asked for.

Have a nice christmas.

jan Iversen

Madrid hackfest 2015

Wow, what a tour. I started by getting poisoned by Renfe (spanish railway)…good advice never by a sandwich !!! but what an event !

We could of course have been more people (that is a universal truth), but I had some good discussions with several spanish people, who like me, was interested in getting a spanish community activated.

We decided on several actions to take in the near future, so “perdoname el futuro de comunidad es Español es TU responsabilidad y no solo las otras”.

I want to especially thank “bubli” (IRC name) for bringing the small bears (a nice gesture of CIB), that saved my day !!!

Sweetshark (bjoern) was as usual a fountain of knowledge, although I will remember this hackfest for fixing a bug that no longer existed 🙂

Thanks a lot for a wonderful time, I can only hope that I gave a little bit back. “Hablamos pronto en email y recuerdo necesito ayuda yo estoy esperando mucho emails”.

We look forward to gran canary !!!! “las palmas”.

un saludo

jan i.


Ps. I am NOT moody, but we had 3 languages going !!!



Improving “make vs2013-ide-integration”

The make system can generate a visual studio solution with a .vcxproj file for each target (libraries as well as executables).

Having tested it, it is clear some improvement is needed.

  • it generates vcxproj for 27 out of 93 executables
    • Assumes that CXXOBJECTS is before “recipe to build executable”
    • Assumes that the 2 are together
    • for 66 executables that is not the case
  • vcxproj files are scattered in the source tree, not workdir
    • Source tree should be kept clean, without generated files
    • the vcxproj files, should be kept in e.g. workdir/vs2013
  • it only covers C++, missing java/python/javascript
  • It does not use the object files in workdir (made by make)
    • VC starts by compiling everything again, this should not be the case
  • No support for visual studio 2015

It is my intention to improve the script, step by step. Some of the problems have been added to bugzilla as easyHacks.

Meeting the developers.

I attended a “hackfest” in Hamburg, Germany. The main purpose was to have a face to face session with my “bosses” (Thorsten, Bjoern and Michael). It turned out to be 2 days full of fun, I met quite a number of old friends and got some new ones.

If this is the spirit of the LibreOffice community, then the next year will be a lot of fun.

Next hackfest is in Madrid 2-4 December Madrid 2015 it will take place 5 minutes walk from Atocha (the main rail station). Don´t miss the chance, come and join us (y claro también van a hablar Español).


A good thing about a hackfest is the food, a well designed Pizza. Please remark how concentrated I work, not even looking at all the Pizzas.